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Your December Theme: Staycations & Workations

Summer, 2020: That was one for the books, eh? Where to even start... oh look, SNOW!

While a lot has changed since March, one thing hasn't changed at all: we could all use a little change of scenery. That's what 90% of Ontario residents we polled said they wanted most this winter: a change of scenery, and to have some fun - safely & responsibly. And so, our December theme is here to help you do just that - have some fun with a change of scenery, safely and responsibly.

Introducing our December, 2020 theme: Work & Play - Staycations & Workations.


So many Ontarians used summer, 2020 to truly appreciate what's been right here all along - incredible adventures in our own backyard. Prior to COVID, we've been so busy exploring the far corners of the globe, that too often we missed out on adventures a little closer to home: portaging, rustic cabins, glamping, RV's, and day trips to small towns and rural communities. Best of all though, the necessity to maintain social bubbles forced us to explore Ontario safely and responsibly, making new memories with only our closest family and friends. Now, as the seasons pass, we can appreciate all the wonders that Ontario truly has to offer through a completely different lens: winter. Where else in the world can you fold up your tent mid-October, and strap on snowshoes 60 days later?

Throughout the month of December, we will help you discover places to stay, things to do, & curated packages to keep your spirits high. Many small Ontario towns and rural communities traditionally see a decrease in visitors through the winter months, and so it's more important than ever to explore Ontario in a way that supports local businesses. That's why we continue to work closely with our community partners to prioritize everyone's health and safety. We are updating our COVID-19 advisories on a regular basis, in strict accordance with local, provincial and national health guidelines.

If you're one of the thousands of Ontarians who have unused vacation time and are planning to take some time off over the winter, or just need a day trip or weekend getaway for a little change of scenery, we've got the perfect community partner to help make your winter memories, safely and responsibly.

If you need some inspiration, check out our featured December winter staycation: The All Inclusive Winter Backcountry Adventure by our friends at Temagami Outfitting, in Temagami, Ontario. For a fun family day trip, book a Family Day Pass at Nature's Harmony in Mattawa, Ontario!


What? That's right - workation! Our team passionately debated whether or not a "workation" qualifies as onomatopoeia. While not quite a "hiss" or "bang", it is exactly what it sounds like: the perfect balance between work and fun. Workation!

One thing has become clear over the past few months: it's not work from home, it's work from anywhere. And working from anywhere means living the lifestyle we've always dreamed of. A mere 9 months ago, who could have imagined the luxury of finishing your last meeting at 5:00pm, enjoying a private wine & cheese tasting at 6pm, and strapping on snowshoes after dessert for a snow-walk under the stars. Who would have fathomed we could set an alarm for 5am, not to beat traffic on the 401 or to get a parking spot at the GO, but because the ice fishing is best before the sun comes up. Did someone say Northern Pike and Lake Trout for breakfast? "Sorry I'm a few minutes late - I was cleaning my fish… I mean... my computer was updating". Who could have imagined that we could shut the laptop a little early on Friday afternoon, and pick up our weekend snowmobile rental - only a 10 minute drive away.

So what do you get when you combine high speed internet, a change of scenery, and experiences to enhance your evenings and weekends? A workation. And there's no better time to book it, than now.

If you're one of the countless Ontarians who are working remotely this winter, we're going to spend December introducing you to the newest lifestyle trend: the workation.

Joya: it’s a feeling.

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