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Joya is the easiest way to create and sell any tourism offering online. Here’s why that matters.

"Affordability creates accessibility, and simplicity creates opportunity."

Let’s start with two conflicting realities:

  1. Starting and running a tourism business can be a dream come true! Do what you love, love what you do, and earn a living by sharing your lifestyle and passions with others.

  2. It is really hard to create and run a tourism company. The idea part is fun – dreaming up the perfect tour, experience, or package, solidifying relationships and connections, obtaining any required assets, and the “coming soon” placeholder on social media. And then! …. the hard part. There is so easy way to sell creative tourism products or services online

"There is no easy way to sell creative tourism products or services online"

Creating a basic website can be hard enough. If you’re a newbie to the website world, the “5 easy steps to create your first website” are actually 25 difficult steps, a ton of troubleshooting, and more often than not – settling for something that’s nothing close to the template you mapped out on your whiteboard. And just when you have your homepage, about page, and social media integration all finally set up… it gets even harder. More than half of tourism businesses in North America with multiple offerings (any combination of accommodations, experiences, packages and services), have no easy way to let their customers see their availability or book online. The solutions that do exist are expensive and complex, and a different solution is required for each type of product – each with its own integration process or API.

So, here is why this actually matters.

For travellers: You’re missing out. Hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized tourism businesses with unique and authentic experiences are unfindable. And even if you do find them, it’s hard to know what they actually offer, and it's almost impossible to see availability and request to book online. The online presence is not synonymous with the experience provided. But the experience provided is nothing short of remarkable. There’s so much more out there than just a place to stay, but the tourism industry is a crowded and noisy place – and it’s hard to find the smaller players. And when the barrier to entry is too expensive, complicated, and frustrating, experiences that otherwise would be perfect for you, your friends or your family, are glazed over.

For tourism businesses: We get it. We’ve been there. The frustration is so real. We ourselves ran a tourism business. We had great trips, return customers, and loved everything we did – except the endless frustrations fighting with websites, booking tools, and trying to create and sell our offerings online the way they were designed. After speaking with hundreds of tourism businesses just like ours who had exactly the same problem, we knew what we had to do: fix it. And so that’s what we did.

For entrepreneurs: The most crucial period for an entrepreneur is the start-up phase. New entrepreneurs need paying customers, fast. And paying customers need to see product details, when it’s available, and need to be able to book and pay online. This initial speed to market is hard enough, without the timely, financial, and emotional burden of turning your creativity into a bookable product, and turning your product into a sustainable lifestyle.

Affordability creates accessibility, and simplicity creates opportunity. And that's why we get more and more thrilled with each passing day, as we make life easier for our local partners right here in Ontario, to start, run, and grow their tourism businesses without the frustrations, limitations, and financial burdens associated with doing what you love.

When it’s easy and affordable to create and sell any tourism offering online, it’s better for businesses… and for travellers.

Joya. It’s a feeling.

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