The easiest way to create & sell any tourism or lifestyle offering on your website or social media 

Run your business exactly the way you want. Use one simple tool to sell any tourism offering online. Get more bookings directly through your website, partner with other locals & businesses, and get discovered in Joya's search engine for travellers.


Strength is in the community.

1. Create your products

2. Show availability

3. Get booking requests

4. Connect to other businesses

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 Offer Anything 

  • Accommodations

  • Experiences

  • Services

  • Packages

  • Events

  • Rentals

  • Servicers

  • Add-ons

Additional Features 

  • Show availability for all your offerings

  • Take booking requests with dates

  • Create Collections and group your offerings

  • Add recommended products, and link to & from other local businesses

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 Manage From Your Phone 

  • Availability

  • Booking Requests

  • Customer inquiries

  • Payments

  • Add, remove & edit products in minutes

 We don't hide your brand. We celebrate it! 

We treat our partners like family. We highlight your brand & celebrate

the unique experience that you provide.

I checked out and downloaded the app! Made myself an account too! I love this so much!! Your app really helps travellers and small businesses connect so easily!!


 Adventure Provider

No platform allows you to sell things to do, you can't just set up a retail store to sell experiences, and that's what we're looking for.


Adventure Provider

This will save a lot of time and money being able to put bookings through your app.


 Ontario Bussiness Owner

How it works: 

Create Your Brand

Add Your Products

Add links to Website & Social

Communities are stronger when we all work together

No one cares more about a place than the people who live there. Joya is designed to include everyone, and support local communities & businesses.

or Get the app and get started!


We believe that when people are happy, our world is a better place.

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